13 Yunpao
Kanji ユンパオ
Gender Male
Race Humans
Abilities Changing Electricity into Sugar
Team Robert's Ten
Misc. Information
Anime debut The Law of the Bloodcurdling Dogra Mansion!
Japanese voice actor Akiko Yajima
English voice actor Caitlynne Medrek

Yunpao (ユンパオ) is a power user and a member of the Robert's Ten. He has the power to change electricity to sugar when he opens his eyes very wide. He was recruited as a replacement member of Robert's Ten. Utilises his limiting condition, as when he revert his eyes to normal size, the sugar turns back into electricity which can make for a devastating attack.

Also, Yunpao uses strange poses to distract his enemies from his large eyes and appears to be quite acrobatic as well. Loves sweets. Ueki retires him with a Pick. Yunpao seems unsuited to being in Robert's Ten, seemingly possessing no evil. He does, however, become very annoyed when he is interrupted while eating.