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13 Yunpao
Kanji ユンパオ
Gender Male
Race Humans
Team Robert's Ten
Misc. Information

Yunpao (ユンパオ) is a power user and a member of the Robert's Ten. He has the power to change electricity to sugar when he opens his eyes very wide. He was recruited as a replacement member of Robert's Ten. Utilises his limiting condition, as when he revert his eyes to normal size, the sugar turns back into electricity which can make for a devastating attack.

Also, Yunpao uses strange poses to distract his enemies from his large eyes and appears to be quite acrobatic as well. Loves sweets. Ueki retires him with a Pick. Yunpao seems unsuited to being in Robert's Ten, seemingly possessing no evil. He does, however, become very annoyed when he is interrupted while eating.

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