The Law of the Celestial Beast
Kanji 天界獣の法則
Rōmaji Tenkai Kemono no Hōsoku
Air Date June 27, 2005
Opening Theme Falco
Ending Theme Kokoro no Wakusei (Little Planets)
Episode 12
Episode 14
The Law of Ueki episodes

Just when Ueki and Alessio's fight gets started, a large fox-like beast, later given the name Tenko, erupts from the ground. Apparently it's a heavenly creature that was in search of Ueki in order to eat him.

Upon meeting Ueki, though, the monster is unimpressed. The kid hasn't even awaken any of his sacred weapons. Yet Ueki lives to do the impossible and manages to not only gain one, but two of sacred weapons within a short time.

The celestial beast seems impressed by this and agrees to help our hero despite his hatred for the celestials that have treated him so poorly.

Plot OverviewEdit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit



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