The following is a guide for the layout of episode pages. Note the red text gives a description of what goes in each section. Referencing is not needed because the only source that information on this page may come from is the episode in question itself (with the exception of the Notes section).

See also: Writing Policy Episode pages should be started with the {{Episode infobox}}. Then, the following: (Title of the episode, in English if possible) is the (# of the episode) of (The Law of Ueki).

Plot overview Edit

A detailed and complete summary of the episode.

Characters in order of appearance Edit

Using a {{scroll box}}, this is a list of all characters in this episode in order of their appearance.

Quotes Edit

Any quotes significant to the episode. Don't include single word quotes like "No!", "Yeah!" etc.

Trivia Edit

Any trivia, bloopers, manga-anime differences etc.

At the bottom of every episode page, please supply categories of which the page falls into:

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