The following is a guide for the layout of character pages. Note the red text gives a description of what goes in each section. Where possible, supply the coding: <ref name="Insert unique ref name here">source goes here</ref> alongside text as to where a piece of information came from for quick referencing as well as validation of information.

See also: Naming Policy and Writing Policy

Character pages should be started with the {{Character infobox}}. Then a brief encyclopedic description of a character should be written. This brief description should start with the {{Translation|'''{{PAGENAME}}'''|Kanji|Literal Meaning}} template, then go on to describe who the character is and what they are to the story. This should only be (at most) six sentences long.


What the character did before the Storyline began. If the character does not have any real known history as to what they did before they came into the series, skip to the Arc sections.


Things that have happened since the character was introduced to the Storyline, and the character's involvement in these things. They should be separated into story arcs unless they are not part of the main story.


How the character acts overall.


This describes in detail the overall appearance of the character. The description should contain notes on important details such as tattoos and personnel items of importance. The description should contain enough detail to give a reader an idea on what the character looks like without a visual aid.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Full details on what the character can do, both inside and outside of battles. (i.e. transformations, spiritual powers, innate abilities, etc.)


How the character acts towards other characters. If possible, family should be a subsection under "Relationships".

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

Differences, similarities, and other aspects of the character's portrayal in the manga versus the character's portrayal in the anime.


Notable quotes of the character. Quotes should be well-known and unique to this character, not random, comical sayings. Listed using a * at the beginning of the line. To prevent use of any and all sayings, please make the MAX limit 20 quotes.


Misc. info that cannot be fitted into the article. Listed using a * at the beginning of the line.


Contains the code {{reflist}}. Any information references in the article appear here. Naviboxes will be added by admins when articles are deemed high-quality enough.

At the bottom of every Character page, please supply Categories of which this page falls into:

This is for easy finding via category directories.

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