The Law of Robert Haydn, the Strongest Power User
Kanji 最強能力者ロベルト・ハイドンの法則
Rōmaji Saikyō Nōryoku Mono Roberuto Haidon no Hōsoku
Air Date May 2, 2005
Opening Theme Falco
Ending Theme Kokoro no Wakusei (Little Planets)
Episode 4
Episode 6
The Law of Ueki episodes
With another win and another talent under his belt, Ueki is able to relax for a little bit. When traveling by train one day, he meets Junichi Baba, nicknamed B.J., a hip-hop enthusiast who takes an immediate liking to Ueki.

So why does he also say his name is Robert Haydn when he discovers that Ueki is also a power user? Fortunately, B.J.'s ability to turn coins into wind is not enough to stop Ueki.

The two part on friendly terms, but when the real Robert Haydn shows up, what will happen to Ueki's new friend?

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