The powers in "The Law of Ueki" universe consists of turning something from "A" to "B" (for example, turning junk into trees or turning towels into steel), these powers are given by candidates for the god selection game to his people chosen to fight in this game.

These powers, when mastered, can upgrade in what it's called "level 2", in which level they add a capacity to the original power (like magnetism in the case of the "turning towels into steel" power) or being a unique power which share some resemblance with the original power (like Ueki's level 2, which consists of turning things from "B" to "A" in his own will, or Robert Haydn, which level 2 can change the gravity of anything he touches).

Note: when a Heavenly Being developes his Sacred Weapons after he receives a power by the candidate, it looks diferent than the others, this is because it mixes with the power of the candidate, giving it a unique look. Also when using the Sacred Weapons the power can't upgrade to level 2 easily, the only way to do it is being a genius or remove the Sacred Weapons temporarily.