Ueki's level 2

Ueki's Level 2

Level 2 are powers attained by mastering the power given to the power user. By attaining full control of that power (which is Level 1), the power user gain additional strength, somewhat of a bonus to their power that relates to their powers, which vary in many ways (that is, the power to turn Trash into Trees can reverse other powers back to their original state, The Power to turn Towel's into steel can create magnets, or the power to turn ideals into reality can affect the gravity of anything that touches the ideal object.) With this, it adds a slight advantage to power user's against enemy's, even to the extent of making it hard to notice if it was Level 2 or Level 1 (that is, Guitar's power).

Known Level 2'sEdit

  • Kōsuke Ueki's Level 2 is the ability to recycle his opponents attack.
  • Seiichirō Sano's Level 2 is the ability to induce magnetism on this iron towels.
  • Robert Haydn's Level 2 is the ability to affect the gravity of anything touching his ideal objects.
  • Capucho's Level 2 is the ability to make anything his gas freezes "as fragile as a cookie."
  • Guitar's Level 2 is the ability to send shockwaves within the barrier he makes on his opponent
  • Grano's Level 2 is the ability to control whatever he makes into real life.
  • Baron's Level 2 is the ability to immobilize everything to the ground within one meter radius of the spot he teleports into.
  • Marilyn's Level 2 is the ability to double her attack power.

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