Kanji 黒岩
Gender Male
Race Humans
Hair color Black
Eye color Gray
Occupation Doctor
Weapon(s) Whip
Drill car
Misc. Information
Manga debut Chapter 3
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese voice actor Hirofumi Nojima
English voice actor Brendan Hunter

Kuroiwa (黒岩) is a doctor who appears in The Law of Ueki series. He is an evil doctor who cares only about money.


Kuroiwa is a lean man, probably in his early thirties. Though at first look, he may seem to be a nice, humble guy, he is very rude and sarcastic, often putting money before other human qualities.


The Test arcEdit


Manga vs. animeEdit

  • Whilst in the anime Kuroiwa used a whip to attack Kousuke Ueki and Sakura Suzuki, his weapon of choice in the manga is a golf club.
  • Kuroiwa's drill car is anime exclusive.



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