14 Kabara
Kanji カバラ
Gender Male
Race Humans
Team Robert's Ten
Misc. Information
Anime debut The Law of the Bloodcurdling Dogra Mansion!
Japanese voice actor Noriaki Sugiyama

Kabara (カバラ) is a power user and a member of the Robert's Ten. He was chosen as a replacement member of the group. He can also shoot out the feathers on his wings as he turns them into wing shurikens. He is an expert hunter and is able to shoot pachinko balls with as much power as a rifle bullet. He is very fond of showing off his marksmanship skills, even to the point where he will shoot any target in front of him. Due to an exploding cossack hat during his battle with Ai at the Dogura Mansion, he is bald the second time he appears (In manga, he shaved his head bald for unable to win the battle). Kabara fits with most of the Robert's Ten because of his cold hunter nature. He felt no qualms about letting Ai suffocate during the Cossack Dance Battle, and believes that friendship is weakness. Rinko retires him with a combination of her powers with her new made weapons. Due to the nature of his match with Rinko, he develops a fear of cats.