Is Kosuke Ueki an Alien from Outer Space?
Kanji 宇宙人・植木耕介?
Rōmaji Uchūjin, Ueki Kōsuke?
Volume 1
Arc The Introduction Arc
Shogakukan Release 2001
Viz Release 2006
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Ai Mori's Decision
Volume and Chapters

Is Kosuke Ueki an Alien from Outer Space? (宇宙人・植木耕介?, Uchūjin, Ueki Kōsuke?) is the first chapter of The Law of Ueki manga. It premiered first in 2001 on Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday.

Plot overviewEdit


It's test day in Class 1-C of Hinokuni Junior High School.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit



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