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Becky Wolf
7 Becky Wolf
Kanji ベッキー・ウォルフ
Rōmaji Bekki Uorufu
Gender Female
Race Humans
Abilities Changing a shot fired from a BB-gun into a meteorite
Team Robert's Ten
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Yumiko Kobayashi
English voice actor Suzette Mattar

Becky Wolf (ベッキー・ウォルフ, Bekki Uorufu) is a power user and a member of the Robert's Ten. She is the shortest member of the team and hates to be ignored or being called small or a child. Ueki retires her with Masshu. Becky Wolf seemed to resemble a cowgirl, because of her hat, boots, and BB-guns. Her power was to change a shot fired from a BB-gun, into a meteorite. She was shown using this power effectively against Tenko's barrier.

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