Alessio Luliano
Alessio Luliano
Kanji アレッシオ・ユリアーノ
Rōmaji Aresshio Yuriāno
Age 17–18
Gender Male
Race Humans
Hair color Blond
Abilities Turn dirt into scythes
Affiliation Robert Haydn
Team Robert's Ten
Misc. Information
Manga debut Initiation
Anime debut The Law of the Robert's Ten
Japanese voice actor Ken Narita
English voice actor Charles Heffernan

Alessio Luliano (アレッシオ・ユリアーノ, Aresshio Yuriāno) is one of the members of Robert's Ten. He is very loyal to Robert and will not stand for just anyone to join the group. His power is to turn dirt into scythes. He is a very short-tempered individual whom Ueki cannot help but irritate. Upon realizing his heavenly powers, Ueki puts him down for the count with Kurogane. Alessio was shown wearing a pair of blue glasses, and a wool hat, in the anime, and was considered by Robert himself to be one of the weakest members of the 10.



Powers and abilitiesEdit


Manga vs. animeEdit




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