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Ai Mori
Kanji 森 あい
Rōmaji Mori Ai
Alias Ai
Birthdate August 8[1]
Age 13[1]
Gender Female
Race Humans
Hair color Bluish green
Eye color Blue
Blood type A[1]
Occupation High school student
Abilities Make opponents fall in love with glasses
Affiliation Inumaru (first)
Team Team Ueki
Misc. Information
Manga debut Chapter 1
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese voice actor Tomoko Kawakami
English voice actor Barnes-Smith

Ai Mori (森 あい, Mori Ai) is one of Kōsuke Ueki's classmates at Hinokuni Junior High School and later on, a member of the Team Ueki. Her name literally mean "Forest Love". In the anime, it is noted that her favorite hobby is meddling.[2]

Background Edit

She is a student from the same school Ueki is at. She discovers Ueki's power early on, coming to a rather unusual conclusion and at first believing him to be an alien. Upon learning of the competition Ueki is in, she decides to back him up, to keep him from losing all his talents and disappearing because of it.


Ai Mori 2
Mori Ai
Ryoga04Added by Ryoga04

When in a casual mood, Mori is usually upbeat and friendly, although she is often shown with a very shallow side, initially believing that all power-users (with the exception of Ueki) are dangerous enemies that can't be trusted. Still, Mori cares deeply for her friends, especially Ueki. She is strict with Ueki at times, especially when he looks like he is about to do something rash. Mori continuously tries to be his voice of reason, although her shallow antics and outspoken personality often annoys him. She also enjoys company with Rinko and become very close friends. The food she cooks tends to look rather odd and off-putting (usually with squirming octopus tentacles), but it still tastes good. She is also the straightman of the show.

Abilities Edit

Ai mori power
Ai uses her power
MaxAxilAdded by MaxAxil

Later on in the series, she is given an ability by the King of the Celestial World Candidate, Inumaru (Wanko), during Ueki's fight with Sano. However, her power's condition is that her opponent must perform a cutie girl pose (raising the right leg backwards while putting both of the fists close to the chin). Once this power is activated, her opponent becomes a lover of glasses, which Mori then uses to her advantage by threataning to break her glasses unless they knock themselves out. By chance, Kilnorton, has glasses as well, and therefore cannot knock himself out without smashing his own glasses.

Throughout the series, Mori has shown cunning intelligence. She claims in different situations, for example, she outsmarted Kilnorton, who has genuis level IQ and deduced a way to defeat an opponent with her power even though she just known it.


  • The first person she defeated was, Memory of Marilyn Team and the second one was Kilnorton from Barrow Team.
  • She seems to be one of the smartest characters.
  • She bears a very slight resemblance to Hatsune Miku due the her hair color and her eye color.


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